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“The ultimate competitive advantage within an organization is its ability to learn and to rapidly convert this learning into action” 


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Maurizio Cheli

Born in Zocca (Modena, Italy) in 1959, Maurizio Cheli is an Italian air force officer, a European Space Agency astronaut and a veteran of one NASA space shuttle mission. He was the first Italian astronaut to become mission specialist during the STS-75 (“Tethered Satellite”) Mission in 1996.

Cheli attended the Italian Air Force Academy and trained as a test pilot at the Empire Test Pilots' School, England, being awarded the McKenna Trophy as the best student on his course. He studied geophysics at the University of Rome La Sapienza and earned a master's degree in aerospace engineering from the University of Houston. He then trained with the United States Air Force and was selected as an astronaut candidate by the European Space Agency in 1992. He holds the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Italian Air Force.
Maurizio Cheli has more than 380 hours of space activity and more than 4500 flying hours on more than 50 different aircraft types.

Alfonso Piro

Airline pilot since 1984, Alfonso is Instructor captain-examiner for Airbus 330 with 14,500 hours of flight activity over more than 1100 routes. He is JAR OPS aviation quality auditor, he is responsible for quality, safety and training .He is also in charge for research and development of flight operations. Since 1999 Alfonso is Captain in charge of MD80 sector. In 2002 he became responsible of technical aircrew and on board personnel. Founder and president of the research center AviationLab since 2008, Alfonso is Senior partner of ISOB since 2009 as consultant for the safety management in Healthcare system.

Paolo Pari

MSc in Electronic Engineering from Politecnico of Turin has 20+ years of experience in developing life-critical biomedical implantable devices.
He then moved afterwards to various executive positions in both private and public hospitals in charge of their Clinical & Technology Engineering systems.
He was in charge of the Project & Construction management of several Health Care buildings and hospitals.
Since 2010, Paolo Pari has developed and promoted innovative methodologies for the risk management in the Healthcare system, also supporting the ISOB Project within AIIC (Italian Association of Clinical Engineers) where he is a board member.
Paolo Pari finally operates, backed by the innovation Incubator of Politecnico di Torino, as serial entrepreneur, having co-founded few start-ups in the Avionics, Green Economy and ICT sectors.
Paolo Pari is also a glider’s, single engine aircraft and helicopter’s pilot.

Andrea Gori

Born in Bologna in 1961, Andrea Gori is now Trainer and Captain for Boeing B777: he was in charge of several projects related to flight operations such as Line Trainer, Type Rating Instructor, Rating Examiner, Human Factor Facilitator, Senior Examiner, Training Manager
He has more than 13000 hours of flight over more than 10,000 routes.
He also can count more than 1500 hours of supervision for simulator training.

Franco Bosio

Born in Genova in 1967, he began his career in the Air Force. F104 and Tornado ADV pilot form 1990 to 1997, he was in charge of the Statistical Office and the Training Office.
In 1997 Franco Bosio began his career as an airline pilot on the Boeing 767 . In 1998 Bosio began to work for Alitalia as a Airbus pilot.
He is Crew Resource Management Facilitator for the Human Factor Department. Bosio is also Multi Crew Cooperation Instructor and Certified Examiner for the JAA in the evaluation of the Non-technical abilities and Behavioral Markers in the CRM.
In 2001 Franco Bosio worked at the “Flight Management Attitude Questionnaire” submitted to all Alitalia Pilots.
He also invented the CAQ (Cultural Assessment Questionnaire, an innovative and efficient tool for assessing the most risky areas and professional profiles.
Finally, he is the inventor of a 4-point attitudinal evaluation scale named RATE, now used in the IAT (Implicit Association Tests) for pilots

Maurizio Scholtze

He was in charge of several management positions within the Quality and Safety Management System for Enav S.p.A..

In the early 90s, he internationally worked in the field of regulation, safety management and Human Factors, validating his expertise in several roundtables and conferences in the areas of Eurocontrol, Industrial Consultation Body (Single European Sky), CANSO, (Civil Air Navigation Services Organization), HF Steering Committee JAA-JRC-Ispra, confidential voluntary reporting System (CVRS) and so on.

Beginning in the early ‘70s, Scholtze was Air Force officer and air-traffic controller.

With a bachelor in humanities he is now a researcher in the field of AIR Traffic Management while acting as director for the Scientific Committee of the Research Center for aerial transportation, Safety and Environment (S.T.A.S.A.) 

Lucio Polo

Lucio Polo is a Transactional Analyst (Aiat) certified at Aiat in Rome in 1983.
Lucio Polo also holds a MSc in applied Psychology summa cum laude, thesis on “Line Oriented Simulation” for flight simulators.
He began his career in Alitalia in 1992 in the Human Factor department under the supervision of Captain Marcello Ralli.
In July 1993 he then became director of the Human Factor Department until 2004.
His main activities were planning, managing and auditing HF/CRM training classes for aircrew.